LINDSAY PHILLIPS is the talented and beautiful founder of SwitchFlops. Her creative concept grew from a high-school project during a ceramic course...her idea became an instant hit amongst her classmates! Lindsay then began designing fun and easy-to-wear flops! They were colorful & each had their own unique button. As her idea evolved Lindsay realized that by using hook-and-loop fasteners she could create one shoe with a variety of cute straps. This idea was the beginning of the SwitchFlops creation.

It was her travels to Europe and her voyage around the world on the Semester at Sea that brightened her eyes to an array of different color, cultures & textures that influenced her designs immensely. In 2004 Lindsay patented her flops and soon after than she connected with her mother, Liz to launch her business. SwitchFlops made it's first introduction in January 2007, her business was an instant success and the orders started poring in! Lindsay Phillips is currently a leading retailer of custom flip flops & shoes, with a growing collection of bags and scarves.

I had the cutest little package awaiting my doorstep the other day, from the one and only, Lindsay Phillips! It was the most adorable pair of flats. The detail on these Ballet flats in Blue Seersucker was to die for-with powder blue strips & a girly flower snap. She surprised me with the interchangeable Kellen Snap, which is a gorgeous cluster of white stones. I can wear this to my meetings as well as formal dinner. Lindsay's unique interchangeable snap-on straps and snaps change your daytime look from beach casual --> formal, this is what truly separates her from the rest. For all of us busy girls, we love anything that we can wear from day to night! Her textures and color patterns are very European, you can get a feel for how Lindsay took little memories with her from her voyage around the world and added them to her line piece by piece. Thank you Lindsay Phillips!

Go check her out at & please go and like her Facebook page too <3

As Lindsay likes to say...
"Change your look, not your sole."27276_10151252122056045_1865396618_n

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